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Airgun World is the UK's best-selling airgun magazine and it's rightly regarded as the voice of the sport. Packed with exclusive features, tests, instruction, advice and inspiration, this is the perfect magazine for those who want to be the best, learn the most, and enjoy their sport to the full. If airgun shooting is your passion - you'll want to be part of this Airgun World.

From the Editor

"Airgun shooting has been a major part of my life since I was old enough to follow my dad into the hunting field, and that's quite a few years of dedication I can tell you. Now, as editor of Airgun World, I get to see new products and developments as they happen, and to even take part in that development. Our readers and their opinions are involved, too, and together we enjoy total participation in this fantastic sport." Terry Doe, Editor


"Keep up the good work, nice to see you are raising the bar in quality and quantity - other magazines will need to start re-thinking their layouts if they are to compete." Steve Wilson

"I just bought the December issue and enjoyed it so much I had to tell you." Nigel Doughty