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Country Smallholding is Britain's best-selling magazine for smallholders. It covers all aspects of self-sufficiency, with a strong emphasis on livestock, and comes with a free poultry magazine every month. If you are interested in 'the good life' - maybe keeping chickens, pigs, sheep or goats, or simply growing your own veg - this is the magazine for you!

From the Editor

"Country Smallholding, Britain's best-selling smallholding magazine, has a strong emphasis on livestock, particularly pigs, goats, sheep, alpacas and bees, with a free pull-out magazine devoted to poultry. There is lots of information on all aspects of self-sufficiency, advice on machinery and equipment, renewable energy and growing vegetables and fruit. Also included are rural news, a show guide, property and numerous question and answer sections. Regular competitions with high value prizes are very popular with readers. Country Smallholding is the ideal guide to the 'good life'" Simon McEwan, Editor


"I was born and raised on a smallholding, and I find Country Smallholding absolutely marvellous. It has inspired me to try again." Leisa Wheaton, Sleaford, Lincs

"Another fantastic issue. I love the Eggs Files." Sunnyside Poultry, Derbyshire