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French Property News is the leading UK magazine covering the French property market. Whether you're planning to make a purchase across the Channel or have already invested in a French home, it is an invaluable source of information and insight. A surprisingly wide spectrum of topics are featured each month, including the buying process in France, financial and legal advice, inspiring real life stories, in-depth regional reports and a whole host of entertaining and informative regulars, such as language-learning puzzles and reviews of the latest releases.

"I started on French Property News some 10 years ago and am still madly in love with France and its beautiful and varied property. It's no wonder so many people are keen to buy a home there and indeed, make a whole new life across the Channel - from the relaxed lifestyle, traditional values, charming towns and villages, fascinating history and culture, every activity under the sun, and superb food and wine, there really does seem to be something for everyone. My favourite part of France is always the last place I visited, but I keep coming back to Languedoc-Roussillon where my family have a holiday home." Karen Tait, Editor

"As the last week of each month approaches, my levels of anticipation begin to rise. Eventually I hear the familiar noise of plastic being pushed through the letterbox and landing on the hall floor - the latest issue of FPN. I devour every page. My personal favourites are readers' experiences which I compare to my own but there is always a whole wealth of useful information besides. As I turn over the last page there is always a tinge of regret as I know another month lies ahead before the next edition arrives. Keep up the good work FPN!" Maxine Stanley

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