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Welcome to the Autumn edition of Education and Training, a premium publication that provides authoritative and engaging news, features, opinion and analysis about the education sector in some of the most exclusive postcodes of London.

Brought to you by the Ham&High Series, Islington and Hackney Gazette Series and the Brent and Kilburn Times, we know how important education is to the residents of our target areas and we have sought to capture this through the pages of our magazine.

As we settle into the new academic year, we focus on students adapting to a life in higher education in our university special. We also look ahead to securing places for primary and secondary schools as the deadline looms large. And for those little ones starting big school for the first time, we look at the options for wraparound care for working parents.

We also take time out to reflect on the local celebrations after the A-level and GCSE results were published last month and we also put the spotlight onto academies and their impact on schooling in the UK in our special analysis.

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