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Professional Photographer magazine is the essential magazine for the professional photographer. Featuring the greatest images from the greatest photographers in the world. Filled with advice on how to get commissioned, stay inspired and be successful. It features work from all genres of photography including fashion, portraiture, reportage, weddings, sports amongst many others.

"I know that photography magazines are a 'luxury' in these fiscally challenging times. But I also know that is at times like these we all need more help than ever before in making the right decisions for our businesses, whether that’s advice about marketing, exploring new techniques or searching out new ways to expand and grow. I intend to bring a common sense approach to PP, with a greater variety of content coverage, relevant gear, business advice and good old fashioned inspiration for pros too. But I also want to ensure although we are real and honest, we keep things practical, positive and reflect life at the photography coal-face for all types of working professionals out there." Adam Scorey, Editor

"As a professional photographer for 30’s great, at last, to have a magazine for the likes of us!" Tim Clinch

"Quality magazine which just keeps getting better. Nice one." Simon Plevey

"The article in this month’s PP epitomises the sort of thing I’ve been banging on about for almost 30 years with regard to shared skills and talents (and therefore profits)." Tim Hoy

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