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The English Garden takes its readers to incredible and yet achievable gardens with the use of brilliant photography and professional garden writers. This inspiration is backed up with practical notebooks with advice offered from the garden owner or head gardener. Readers hear from those with real gardening miles under their belts. It’s a real treat for anyone with greenfingers.

"Working with the UK’s leading photographers and writers to create such an inspirational magazine is a dream. The gardens we feature are exceptional and offer readers the chance to plan for the future or simply inspire them to visit gardens – stunning images are backed up with solid practical advice that comes direct from real gardeners. Our content is designed to appeal to gardeners with a certain level of understanding and the plant combinations and design ideas are bound to encourage an every growing passion for this life enhancing hobby." Tamsin Westhorpe, Editor

"The magazine is so inspiring that I am now creating my own formal English Garden" Dawn Milne from New Zealand

"I bought the August issue of The English Garden as a holiday treat and what a treat it was. We now have so many ideas for our new garden and look forward to future issues" Joanna Phil, Bedfordshire

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